Mock Mutualism

Mutualism requires parity, equity and guardianship. Some current and even popular forms called “The Mutuals” might still be beneficial but another descriptive handle is required. They might be more consumer friendly than the profit-driven services they separate themselves from, but their mutuality might not survive scrutiny if measured by egalitarian standards or if compared to a different form of service delivery, such as those within vernacular or subsistence economies.

If all members are not actually in it together, with each wearing the gains and the losses in due proportion; if some work is paid work and other work is unpaid work – then where is it mutual or equitable?

Mock-Mutuals continue to keep the word captured because the majority of members are blissfully unaware of political sub-texts or the contrived advantage flowing from installed but invisable mechanisms that support the patriarchy and capitalism. These mechanisms play themselves out through sex, gender, class, caste, commerce, locality, age and race. And thus the members are mocked by the processes in use.

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