Cargo Cult Economics

Cargo Cult Economics describes the unwitting occupancy of two different fiscal paradigms. One is Economics as sustained by Capitalism and another is Economics as sustained by Vernacular / Subsistence Mutualsim. It is hard to remain comfortable in a fiscal paradigm that requires 100% State Based Currency (dollars). Our everyday survival sees us adjusting our position to base ourselves within one, while accommodating parts of the other. It is easy to abandon economic honesty when in a dilemma.

Daily life is mostly spent paying tithes to marketplace gods and gurus in the hope that eventually, fortuitously, magically, the comfortable life will arrive. This comes from an ingrained belief that if you just play the game right, perform the right rituals, admire the right people, and buy the right items, position and wealth will be given to you.

Instead of accepting sufficient for a practical life through mutually supportive transactions with close allies, and with small local businesses that accept social and ecological responsibility, it is easier to purchase cheap and shoddy cargo that keeps arriving in the globalised two-dollar shops. When faced with dilemmas and contradictions at the personal level , it is all too easy to abandon economic integrity and return to worshipping that which makes for physical comfort. And thus sustaining Capitalism.

It takes courage to change. 

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