The Tolpuddle Martyrs were Mutualists.

In 1834 Agricultural Labourers in Tolpuddle England formed a union for the betterment of themselves and others. For this, they were transported to New South Wales. These men were feeling entrapped in poverty and subservience, and they recognised that they had to join together, to organise with each other, for each other, because they suffered equally. The concept of outside – and therefore superior – assistance was not the answer. The concept of leading others out of the desperate situation as if they themselves did not suffer as well was not the answer. They recognised the truth that they themselves were included – as activists and as beneficiaries and this is the doorway statement: OURSELVES INCLUDED.

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1 Response to The Tolpuddle Martyrs were Mutualists.

  1. Simon Cole says:

    What an interesting piece of history.

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