Planning for 2019.

2018 was the Foundation Year for the Gibran Place Project. The year’s activities were shaped by the 12 monthly meetings, using a style that I call “holding the common wealth in dispersed aggregate…”
The friends who attend are skilled and active in the community with their own projects. The organising process is very light, allowing attendees to contribute and collect as needs arise. This gathering together is always around a shared meal.
We survived the year….(she says smiling).
2019 has started using the same strategy, with some class lessons included. This process bridges the spaces between some of the smaller groups eg not all of the meeting attendees come to “school” and not all “school” attendees come to the Monthly Meeting.
The growth of the group is visible, trackable and measureable. This work group has been helped recently when some members of Social Ecology Brisbane recognised that Murray Bookchin and Social Ecology and Lillian Geddes and Mutualism Queensland are saying much the same thing.

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